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Furnace Repair Service

Is your furnace not working or blowing out cold air? Our furnace repair experts are the #1 choice for furnace repair in Corpus Christi. The heating contractors at Tommy Cool Air are known for reliable, efficient heating solutions that will provide you with home comfort for years to come. Repairing your furnace will provide continual comfort throughout even the harshest of winters, and you can rest assure that our furnace repairs will last you for years to come.

By utilizing the latest, most advanced equipment and techniques, our HVAC contractors in Corpus Christi provide superior services to ensure your heating system’s efficiency. When you decide to repair your furnace, will more than pay for itself. We not only repair the causing problem, but we make sure it’s running at its optimal state.

The furnace repair experts at Tommy Cool Air will assess your furnace and offer the best solutions for repair. We arrive at your home with stocked vehicles and furnace technicians who are skilled in providing the most dependable heating services whenever you need them.


At Tommy Cool Air, we excel in providing top-notch heating services in Corpus Christi, available 24/7 since 1984. Our dedicated team is ready to offer you a free quote and swift solutions, ensuring that your heating needs are met promptly with unparalleled expertise and efficiency. Trust us for dependable furnace repair, any time, day or night.

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