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Air conditioning systems are a significant investment for your home, but it’s one that pays off in more ways than one. Make sure you protect this important investment by having your air conditioners regularly serviced with a yearly AC tune-up in Corpus Christi. This routine maintenance helps in keeping Corpus Christi cool and ensures your system operates efficiently.

Just as you would service your car, your air conditioning system needs just as much attention. By having AC maintenance performed regularly in Corpus Christi, it will keep your cooling system running longer with higher efficiency and fewer breakdowns, ultimately reducing your energy bill.


There is a common misconception among homeowners. Many believe that servicing your air conditioner is simply changing a filter every few months. While this is a vital step in air conditioning maintenance, it is not enough. Neglecting the other necessary AC maintenance work can lead to a dirty and under-maintained cooling system, resulting in costly repairs. That’s why it’s essential to rely on experienced HVAC contractors in Corpus Christi for comprehensive maintenance services, including checking evaporator and condenser coils.



There is nothing worse than your air conditioner breaking down at the hottest part of summer. Doing the necessary maintenance and tune-up will keep you from needing avoidable air conditioning repair. This work will also help your AC system run at peak operation and have a longer life, ensuring better indoor air quality for Corpus Christi residents.

Tommy Cool Air is the Corpus Christi AC maintenance expert. You can call on us to handle the checks and tune-ups your entire system needs. We will perform a precision tune-up on your cooling system. Our air conditioner experts will do a thorough inspection and cleaning to make sure that your air conditioning system is running at its peak performance with high energy efficiency. Contact Tommy Cool Air to schedule your air conditioner service at (361) 852-4450.


Tommy also provides emergency HVAC repair. We can deliver quick AC service in Corpus Christi anytime you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our commitment to the local community is unmatched.

If your air conditioning unit is beyond repair, we can help. Our Corpus Christi heating and cooling experts can provide you with a variety of options for a budget-friendly, energy-efficient new air conditioning system. We provide professional AC installation services for homes and businesses, ensuring top-notch commercial services as well.

Tommy’s Techs have a combined total of 100 years of HVAC experience. All air conditioning repairs and new air conditioning installations come with Peace of Mind Product Guarantees. This guarantee covers both the product and the workmanship. With our membership programs, you can enjoy routine AC maintenance in Corpus Christi and avoid the hassle of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

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