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Living in Texas, you know that your air conditioner is an essential part of your home. Today, there are many types of air conditioners available on the market at different prices, sizes, and levels of energy efficiency. Tommy Cool Air provides professional Air Conditioning Installation service to the greater Corpus Christi area.

We specialize in both residential and commercial services, ensuring that whether it’s a home or a business, your air conditioning installation is handled with expert care and professionalism.


Thinking About Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System? Maybe You Are Tired of Costly Repairs. Our AC Experts Will Give You the Best Advice. We Help With:

Considering an upgrade to your air conditioning system due to frequent and costly repairs? Our AC experts are here to provide comprehensive HVAC services in Corpus Christi, offering professional guidance to ensure you make the best decision for your cooling needs. We offer expert evaluations to help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective air conditioning solutions tailored specifically to your residential or commercial needs.

New AC Installation

We prioritize your comfort and efficiency when installing a new air conditioning system. Our experts ensure a smooth and professional installation tailored to your needs. We use only high-quality equipment and techniques, guaranteeing reliable and cost-effective AC service in Corpus Christi for your home or office. You can count on us to enhance your space with optimal cooling.

New HVAC system installation

Ductless Mini Split System Installers 

Ductless mini-split systems deliver efficient heating & cooling in a small, non-invasive design; ideal for new and retrofit applications alike. Our skilled installers ensure proper setup to maximize energy efficiency while fitting seamlessly into any aesthetic in which they’re placed in your home. We offer customized solutions for individual rooms or homes, providing personalized climate control.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installers 

As experienced commercial air conditioning installation in Corpus Christi, TX, we take great pride in offering top-tier installation services for numerous businesses. Our staff possesses expertise in managing complex systems to guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency. We understand your requirements of commercial spaces and work diligently to install systems that meet these needs, delivering comfort as well as reliability.

Ductwork and Vent Installation 

We specialize in expert ductwork and vent installation. We ensure efficient airflow and optimal indoor air quality for your space. Our skilled team designs and instals tailored solutions, prioritizing energy efficiency and comfort. Trust us to provide professional, seamless service for your home or business.

Air Conditioning System Replacement 

When it comes time to replace your air conditioner, our skilled staff makes sure the process goes quickly and without a hitch by listening to your needs and giving you ideal answers. We look at choices that don’t cost too much and use less energy. This way, you can be sure that your new system will provide the best comfort and performance for your room. You can rely on us to do a great job installing it and keep you happy for a long time.

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Deciding on when you need to replace your home’s existing air conditioner can be difficult. You may have an AC system that is still technically working, but not without issue or problem. Are you having to get it repaired? Are those repairs costing more? Are you noticing your monthly energy bill go up? Having an air conditioner that is failing to provide consistent and energy-efficient cooling means you may be ready for a replacement.

When opting to get a new Air Conditioner installed in Corpus Christi, you can expect:

  • More consistent cooling in every room of your home

  • More energy efficiency (and LOWER energy bills)

  • The relief in knowing your old AC won’t break down in the middle of a hot Corpus Christi summer.

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When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Choosing the right air conditioner is vital to supplying your home with consistent temperature control at the energy level appropriate to your home’s needs. Choosing an AC unit is actually not too difficult. However, the challenging task is ensuring the proper installation once the unit has been purchased.

Our professional Corpus Christi AC installers specialize in custom cooling system installation of all types and models. Whether you have a new construction project or need to replace your old air conditioner, we’ve got your AC replacement covered.

The Cost of Getting a New AC Installed

Getting an entirely new cooling system can seem like a very expensive decision. You’re right, but it’s a purchase that will pay off. The benefits of getting a new AC system installed is one of the best investments you can make on your home. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but (as we’ve repeated many times), you will likely be paying less on your energy costs. In fact, a new air conditioner that works well and efficiently often pays for itself over the years.

When you have  installed your home’s new air conditioner, we make it easy for you to afford the cooling system you need. We provide a variety of convenient financing options to help you get the cooling you need when you need it, not merely when you can afford it.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services Are Available Across the Great Bay Area:

  • Nueces County
  • Aransas County
  • Kleberg County
  • San Patricio County
  • Refugio County
  • Calhoun County
  • Bee County

Tommy Cool Air Is Your Corpus Christi AC Expert. Serving Our Local Community with Only the Latest in the HVAC Industry.

At Tommy Cool Air, we handle all aspects of residential cooling and heating system service. From the start with professional quality installation to handling any necessary AC repairs and maintenance or tune-up service. For the life of your air conditioner, you can trust us to be there for whatever you need and to help you extend the life of your AC to work at peak efficiency for as long as possible.

Tommy Cool Air also provides emergency HVAC services. We can deliver quick AC repair and installation service anytime you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping Corpus Christi cool.

You can be rest assured that your home stays cool and comfortable this summer with our trusted Air Conditioning installation services in Corpus Christi. Tommy Cool Air carries and instals all the reputable brands of AC units that homeowners have come to trust throughout the years. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Request a free estimate on a new AC installation online or by calling us at (361) 852-4450.

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