Can Dog Urine Ruin An Ac Unit?

Can Dog Urine Ruin An Ac Unit


Some might say this is a Number 1 problem (it is definitely not Number 2). Nonetheless, finding out that a dog has been peeing on your air conditioner is not great. And it is an issue that you can’t ignore. Dog urine can cause some real damage to your outdoor air conditioning unit.

Tommy Cool Air is called out all the time for a variety of different air conditioning problems across Corpus Christi. We have handled every type of AC problem including units damaged from dog urine.


Urine can ruin an AC unit because it contains acid. That acid will corrode the aluminum fins and copper coils inside your air conditioner.

One “accident” is likely not a disaster, but that is rarely the case. If a dog has picked your AC as his new bathroom, he is likely going to revisit it. Repeated use of urine on your air conditioning unit will eat away at the metal.

Signs a Dog is Peeing on your AC

Here are a few signs that could indicate some local canine is making your AC his new favorite potty spot:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Freon deficiency, needing replacement
  • Unit not performing as well this year
  • Needing to replace fins and/or coils


If you happen to catch Spot in the act, you should act right away. Turn off your air conditioner, turn off the power to your AC unit, and clean it right away. Why? That urine can damage your coils by causing corrosion to them.

Clean the unit by following these steps:

  • Remove any protective grills
  • Lightly spray your unit with a garden hose, making sure to especially spray any coils that were directly “hit”
  • Clean off any debris you find while you’re at it
  • Replace the protective grills and wait at least an hour before turning the power to the unit and the unit itself back on

If only a few aluminum fins are damaged and the coil is not leaking, you may not have an urgent problem. While fins are important parts of an air conditioner, having only a few damaged (less than 25%) should not cause your AC to break down. If that is the only damage you have (and the problem isn’t getting made worse with repeated urination), you may be able to delay repairs.

However, with those damaged fins, your AC coils are exposed. If they appear to be visibly damaged (corroded) by the dog urine, you will want to get the coils repaired or replaced.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to handle this level of AC maintenance, no worries! Professional AC technicians can handle these sorts of maintenance tasks to ensure your HVAC system works properly and efficiently. If you’re in the Corpus Christi area, contact the AC experts at Tommy Cool Air.

Give us a call at (361) 852-4450 or send us a maintenance service request online with our Web Scheduler.


Did you find out your good girl is not always being a good girl? It can be difficult to change a dog’s habits, especially when it comes to urination and marking its territory. But there is hope. You can try some dog-deterrent techniques to stop your dog from continually urinating on your air conditioner.

#1: Plant Bushes

Adding plants around an air conditioner can prevent Fido from choosing that unit as its potty spot. Make sure to keep the plants at least 3 feet away from the AC. Read more about the Best Plants to Hide AC Units.

#2: Put a fence around your air conditioner

Just make sure any fence or structure is at least 3 feet away from the unit itself to provide access to the AC for maintenance or repairs are needed.

#3: Spray pet deterrent around the AC unit

There are sprays that can keep a dog from going near it. You just want to be sure to not spray anything like this directly ON the AC unit, as that could damage your system. Just spray it all around the unit to create a sort of barrier to your pet.


If you are dealing with a damaged AC from dog urine or from any other issue, call on Corpus Christi’s AC experts at Tommy Cool Air at (361) 852-4450.

We will come and check your system and make sure to leave with it operating properly and safely. Getting minor problems fixed right away can save you money in the long run. When your system is not working properly, it is having to work harder to keep your home cool.

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